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Vampires in Public - World

As the chill air sweeps through the town, mortals shiver within the cold. Not us. We have no warmth, in our souls or hearts, hiding our true nature from them.

The myth of normality keeps us going, like ants the mortals are safe in their individual ignorance, but dangerous with mass knowledge. We clutch to our immortality, anxious to hold off the supernatural beings that threaten us, the mortals that hunt us, the vampires with no care for the myth, or even simply watching our own backs for our comrades whom seek status.

We huddle together in our society into clans, the Gwethreyfela are a warrior clan; the Pendefig deal with mortal power and politics; the Cerddor are artistes spies; the Dewin are sorcerers and warlocks and the Ynfydrwydd are something else.

Behind it all a rich role-playing world, where nothing is as it seems, people have ulterior motives, nothing is pure, feeding a background plot that has a history dating to the beginning of time itself.

For those that reach for or are thrust into the shadows, the world does not change much. From the shadows, everything is ruled, but mortals are just as home in shadow as anything else.

Immortality isnít easy. Even in death we live, we walk among you, manipulating your world, we are Vampires, we are immortal, we are Vampires in Public.