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Character Creation

There are a couple of methods to the creation of characters. The most common is that the player comes up with the character concept. Examples include, former CID policeman, History student, Victorian banker, Medieval nobleman. They then choose the bloodline that closest fit’s the concept. From there they follow the basic character creation process. The alternative method is to come up with a concept and a background. Then come to the refs and we will assign a bloodline to you as the most likely to create a vampire with your background. However then you go back to the character generation process.

The Process

No matter what anyone tells you, this really couldn’t be simpler. As previously mentioned. The first and most important stage is to create the character concept. After that you must either be assigned your bloodline or choose it. Then you get to assign the free skill points that come with the bloodline that you have chosen. Please consult the list of skills for what is available, please note that some skills are restricted and we will require a reason as to why your particular character has these skills ("can I use explosives?" "why would your character know how to use explosives?" "Umm, he was really good at chemistry?"). From there you get to spend your character creation points. Consult the table as to how these may be spent. You start with 4 creation points as default.

Cost Gain
1 2,500 extra money
1 2 additional secondary skill ranks
1 An additional point of Blood or Willpower
1 A level in a kindred level clan discipline
2 A level in a kindred level non-clan discipline

Please note that no skill or discipline can start higher than level 2 at start-up also no more than 1 character point can be spent on anything other than disciplines. Also we have only shown you the lower levels of the skills and disciplines that you have available to you. Higher levels are things that you find out about when you get there. All skills, disciplines and most backgrounds work on a scale of 1 to 5. There is no higher point.

Starting equipment

Every character starts with £3000 to buy equipment or to just have it in your pocket. Weapons and armour must be bought from players with those skills or from weapons or armour contacts. (Again a good background can justify this.)

A further note on backgrounds and character concepts

It does need to be said that before you can gain any benefit from your background you must submit it to the ref team in writing before you can gain any benefit from it. Also with regards to your concept. Certain people would not be embraced. These include famous/powerful/important/really rich people wouldn’t be embraced. If an extremely rich person suddenly disappears then they will be investigated and no vampire is stupid enough to embrace these people. If you are unsure about whether or not your character would be embraced, please consult the refs. Some people wish to play people that were created in the past and turn up in the modern day. This is fine however please bear in mind that you are still a starting level character. For this reason it is necessary that no matter how old you are that you have only been active as a vampire for 3 months total.

Examples of character creation

Robert is creating a Cerddor character. As such, he starts out with 7 Blood, 8 Willpower, and has the disciplines Speed, True Sight, and Group Control available to him. His free skill is an Art Form, and he has 3 additional skill points to spend.

He wants to play a modern vampire who has just been recently embraced, and decides that his character is going to be a student of Computing at the university whose artistic talent was noticed at a photography display by his sire.

He begins by choosing the Art Form of Photography to reflect this, which he has one rank in automatically. Now he has 3 skill points to spend. 1 goes in buying him a rank of Computer Intrusion/Security and another goes into buying him a rank of Electronics to reflect his education and background. There are no other skills he wishes to purchase for his character, so he uses his third skill point to raise his Photography to 2.

Then he has his 4 Creation Points to spend, and begins by assigning 1 points each to Speed, True Sight, and Group Control so his character has a good all-round base. This leaves him with 1 point left. Currently, Robert does not think any other skills would be suitable for the character, and doesn’t yet know which discipline he wants to specialise in. As such, he considers that his character could have quite likely hoarded a lot of his student loan before being embraced, and so spends the final point in giving himself an additional £2,500 in starting money.

His character sheet, thus concluded, would look something like this:
Blood: 7
Willpower: 8
True Sight: 1 Rank
Speed: 1 Rank
Group Control: 1 Rank
Art Form (Photography): 2 Ranks
Computer Intrusion/Security: 1 Rank
Electronics: 1 Rank
Starting Cash: £5,500

Emily is creating a Gwethreyfela character. As such, she starts with 9 Blood and 6 Willpower, and has the disciplines Strength, Speed, and Toughness. Her free skill is a Martial Art, and she has 3 additional skill points to spend.

She wants to play a vampire who was an ancient Celt and has only recently been awoken. Daughter of a chieftan, her character knew how to fight and had some necessary abilities in maintaining and crafting her own weapons and armour.

She begins by choosing Hard Martial Arts to reflect her character’s aggressive nature, and has 1 rank in it automatically. Now she has 3 points to spend. 1 goes into buying a rank of Weaponsmithing and 1 goes into buying a rank of Armoursmithing. As her character is more focused on fighting than crafting, she doesn’t want to raise any of these skills any more, and so picks Survival: Forest for spending her last skill point in deference to her character’s hardy background.

Then she has her 4 Creation Points to spend. She’s not interested in buying Toughness just yet, considering her character to rely more on her agility than her stamina, with the armour in case of mistakes. However, she must spend 3 of those points on disciplines, and so purchases 1 rank of Speed and spends the other 2 on having 2 ranks of Strength. She considers raising Speed again, but then looks at the other uses for her Creation Point. She doesn’t want more money, and she doesn’t want more skill points, so she chooses to use the last point on raising her Blood to 10, giving her a greater regenerative and discipline-activating ability.

Her character sheet might look something like this:
Blood: 10
Willpower: 6
Strength: 2
Speed: 1
Toughness: 0
Hard Martial Arts: 1
Weaponsmithing: 1
Armoursmithing: 1
Survival: Forest: 1
Starting Cash: £3,000