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Vampires in Public - Disclaimer

White Wolf disclaimer:

Our world is not that of White Wolf. The world that VIP inhabits and the world of darkness are very different and great lengths have been gone to to ensure that they are so. This includes clearing any basic similarities with White Wolf game studio directly.

If you think you know world of darkness, please come along and discover for yourself the extent of our difference.


All characters on this site, original and/or parodied, depicted in sexual situations are 18 years of age or older despite what their physical appearance and manner of dress suggests or what the applicable anime/manga series characters' age is or even what the real-life personas's age may be. This website may contain scenes of a sexual and even non-sexual nature that some people may find disturbing and even plenty that the author found to be so. View this website at your own risk. If anything on this site offends you you've been warned so before you complain to the creator suck a balloon and lighten up.