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Vampires in Public - Clans

Vampires of the world are broken up into 5 clans. Each of these clans represents a different manifestation of the curse of unlife upon it's victim.

Clan Gwetheryfela - Mindless thugs who use thier blood to enhance thier bodies and combat abilities.

Clan Pendefig - Cruel dominators who use their blood to enhance thier mental and physical power to subdugate others.

Clan Cerrdor - Master spies and assasins, these silent shadows use thier blood to locate and destroy prey through guile or intrigue.

Clan Dewin - Dark mages who specialise in blood magic, harnessing mystic energy to the furthering of their own goals and the detriment of others.

Clan Ynfydrwydd - Mentally unstable time-bombs who use their blood to any ends they see fit today.

The Caitiff - Un-attended, un-tutored scum that bear the curse of vamprism.