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Vampires in Public - Character Generation

Character generation should be talked through with a ref, wherupon they will add you to the character database and give you more game background.

Each character should consider the means by which they were embraced and how they came to be in the city which they reside.

We should stress that you character is far more important than your stats. Character background is rewarded with immersive role-palying and enriches the gameworld for yourself and the other players.

The stats bit

  1. Pick a clan - this determines your starting access to disciplines, skills, blood & willpower
  2. You recieve 4 start-up points, which can be spent on:
    • One level of in-clan discipline (one point)
    • One level of out-of-clan discipline (two points)
    • Two additional levels of non-restricted skills (one point)
    • Additional starting cash (one point)
    • One additional unit of blood (one point)
    • One additional unit of willpower (one point)
  3. You MUST aquire at least 3 levels of disciplines (In- or Out-of- clan). You may only buy a discipline to level 2 at startup.
  4. You recieve an amount of starting cash, please speak to a ref for costings of equipment